Welches in Peru

Welches in Peru
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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Inauguration of the Diospi Suyana Media Centre

1 September 2016

For my second time now I returned to Curahuasi, this time with Jake (for his first visit) to attend the Diospi Suyana Media Centre inauguration ceremony held on Wednesday 31 August.  Our bus trip was just as unnerving as previous, given this time we sat in the front seats on the top level and we had an uninhibited view of our journey.  We seemed to spend more time on the wrong side of the road than the right side, and I lost count of the overtaking we did on blind corners playing Russian-Roulette with oncoming prime movers, buses and other vehicles of all sorts coming at equally crazy speed and randomly on either side of the road! ☹

The inauguration on the Wednesday was a typical perfect Curahuasi day of blue sky and sunshine, added to that 400 staff and guests seated outside the Media Centre including special invitees Pilar Nores (twice former First Lady of Peru) and Sebastian Zilieri (director of the Peru weekly Caretas).  As all present will testify, it was a very special moment in place and time. 

From first light it was hands on deck with preparations including mounting large monitors on the walls of the studio, running cables, fitting doors and the foyer sign (see photo) and even a team of builders fitting the Media Centre kitchen some 2 hours before commencement – glue and paint may have been still wet but all completed to perfecting standards and just in time.

The ceremony then commenced at 4:30pm with speeches and musical performances.  Almost all the speakers connected God’s blessing with the latest project of Diospi Suyana.  

Klaus notes it is likely that the Diospi Media Centre which is officially opened today, will soon be touching more people intellectually and spiritually, than the Diospi Suyana hospital has done in the last nine years.

The new centre is just 350m² and behind it a 40m mast with FM and television antennas.  Klaus continues;

Some may think that this is a modest beginning.  But in a few months we will reach 170,000 people in the province of Andahuaylas with a new FM transmission.  At present, our applications for AM frequencies in the states of Cusco and Apurimac are in progress.  Furthermore we aim to cover even the southern half of Peru with a shortwave frequency.

I recently negotiated in Buenos Aires with the Argentine company ARSAT for satellite access.  With God's help, we want our program via ARSAT-2 to be reaching the remotest regions of the country.

Anyone traveling through Peru will note there are many broadcast antennas on the mountain tops. Diospi Suyana is a voice among many.  First, a very small voice, but one which we hope will be heard. Quality, respect for the opinions of others, honesty and love are to be the hallmark of our programs.

The Media Centre is the result of hard work on the part of the construction workers, technicians and specialists who have invested their time and experience.  

Diospi Suyana wants to serve God and our neighbours.  We do not build monuments, and are not on an ego trip.  All good things come from God.  For us staff, it is a privilege to be tools in the hands of the Most High.

Then it was my turn in a cast of Peruvians, Europeans (mostly German), Americans and a scattering of other nationalities – I gave my first public short speech in Spanish.  Just a few stumbles but I am told well received as it was sincere and there was an understanding that I have only had 3 months of Español language schooling.  I was so proud on this day to represent Australia and all our faithful supporters worldwide.

Pilar Nores cut through the official red tape at 6pm.

Invited guests then attended the first talk show of Diospi Suyana in the television studio. Jesus Hurtado and Jose Saenz played a video with the highlights of Diospi Suyana to date culminating with the Media Centre.  Referring to this trailer, Doris Manco commenced an interview with studio guests’ Pilar Nores and Dr Klaus and Dr Marina John regarding the history of Diospi Suyana and their vision.

In the evening a banquet was held in the conference hall of the Media Centre.  We thanked God for this great opportunity to reach countless people via radio and television.

Finally an excerpt from Dr Klaus John’s speech: And we are not tired of repeating: Soli Deo Gloria: God alone be the glory.

For me it was exciting to see the formal commencement of the work that God has brought us here to do.  I want to thank all those who are partnering with us to see the vision unfold.

Following is a montage of photos that capture the day…


The ribbon at the Media Centre entrance ready for cutting.
Dr Martina John warmly welcomed all guests.
Doris Manco, head of the Diospi Media Centre, presents with warmth and passion for the future.
Jose Saenz was master of ceremonies.
Chris representing Australia! ☺
Jesus Hurtado looked back gratefully and confidently forward.
Carlos Aymituma explained why he left his television production company in Lima to work at Diospi Suyana.
 Traditional dressed children dance and charm the audience.
A festive atmosphere in the late afternoon.
Speech Klaus John: "Soli Deo Gloria" God alone be the glory.
Olaf Böttger, chairman of Diospi Suyana Germany, cited Isaiah 52: "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that since proclaim peace, who brings good, who proclaim salvation, who says to Zion, Your God reigns".
Appearance of Pilar Nores (twice First Lady of Peru) and Godmother of Diospi Suyana.
Senior students of Diospi-Suyana School perform a traditional Peruvian dance.
Pilar Nores cuts through the red tape alongside Sebastian Zilieri, Doris Manco and the Mayor Danilo Valenza with an elated onlooking Klaus and Martina John.
With the tape cut, Pilar Nores enters the foyer. Behind her Sebastian Zilieri, chief of the oldest weekly magazine of Peru "Caretas" and to the left Klaus and Martina John.
View from the control room of the first Diospi Suyana TV talk show.
The first recording in TV studio of Diospi Suyana and in the foreground is me on camera 3.
The inaugural media team group photo with Pilar Nores.
The Media Centre foyer. The slogan on the sign reads: "With the best message for the world!"
At night overlooking centre after the inauguration.