Welches in Peru

Welches in Peru
Our family (November 2018)

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Content + Technology Feb 2016

Here is an article published in the Content + Technology magazine February 2016 issue, covering the generous upgrade donation of my broadcast test equipment by Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd, and support commitment by Radio Frequency Systems Pty Ltd of Melbourne);

Click to download a PDF of the article

The complete issue can be accessed here (refer to page 40);

Monday, 18 April 2016

How Are Our Kids Adjusting to the Peru Idea?

Jake (17):
Is releasing a series of his video blogs on YouTube - here are links to his first two;

With his love of music, Jake is keen to be a Spanish DJ in the Diospi Suyana radio studio in his spare time.  As you can see from his DeJake YouTubes, he maintains a good balance of humour, faith and leadership of his own. 

Jake may also play piano for the Diospi Suyana worship services (held each morning in the hospital). Our Lifesource church has been amazing (thanks John & the many others) in preparing both Sam and Jake for this possibility by including them in our Sunday services bands.

Sam (15):
He is hoping to maintain regular contact with his North Side Cycling Academy coach Helmut Vetisch via email and Skype sessions, to maintain his road cycling development. The altitude training between 2.6km and 4.2km above sea level will be of benefit to his hill climbing development.

Isaac (13):
Is keen to “help dad” with his engineering rollouts – design, installation, commissioning and performance testing.

It is planned that Isaac will attend the local Diospi Suyana Spanish school in due course.

Sarah (10):
Loves horses and hopes to have her own when in Curahuasi!  There is a breed of horse there (the Andean Horse) which is perfect for walking the Inca trails of the Andes and there is the Peruvian Paso. 

It is planned that Sarah will attend the local Diospi Suyana Spanish school.

Georgia (7):
Wants to help needy kids so is looking forward to working alongside mum in the Kids Club.  Like Sarah, we plan that in time Georgia will attend the local Diospi Suyana Spanish school.

Solomon (5) and Jessica (2);
They are excited about the adventure and love to draw pictures about what they imagine life will be like for the family there.

Stacey (0):
Is sure to be our most natural Spanish speaker with the Peru accent! J

Chris & Sandi

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Meet Tatang…

Tatang – a Curahuasi kid dealing with poverty.

Downhill mountain biking is a popular pastime for many boys in the Curahuasi district of the Andes.  This extreme downhill sport is in stark contrast to the traditional and simple lifestyle of the Quechua Indians.

An article extract from a German Mountain Bike magazine (Dirt Magazine DE) professional video “Out of the Shadow” (Feb 2015) about downhill biking from 4,100m in the mountains surrounding Curahuasi;

“It is five in the morning and the mountains are shrouded in thick fog when we knock on the door of the slaughterhouse. A grinning Tatang opens the door… Tatang is quiet and reserved, but above all very diligent. If there is something to do, he is always the one who tackles the first and hardest job.

Every day before school, from three to seven Tatang works here, so he can afford a sandwich for school, clothes and spare parts for his bike. In four hours he earns 10 Sol. That’s about $4 AUD.”

Our hope is to contribute toward breaking this poverty cycle with our Diospi Suyana Broadcast work.

Here is a short film documentary (12:20) of "Out of the Shadow" (NB in Spanish with German subtitles – production is excellent!) giving insight to some of the surrounds and culture of Curahuasi;

(NB if viewed outside of the Blog, this video application may not function as intended.  Alternatively copy this URL into your browser to access it directly: https://ds4d3zl5uvpbf.cloudfront.net/videos/AAe2y2wh95z8_640.mp4)

Our Sam (15) is looking forward to being a part of this activity with the local kids alongside pursuing his road cycling ambitions.

Downhill mountain biking around Curahuasi is popular with the boys.


Monday, 11 April 2016

Meet Danny

Danny at Curahuasi school before going missing in March 2016.

Danny comes from a very difficult home, having been abandoned by both of his parents he has been living with his grandmother who is unfortunately physically abusive.  A sad, but not uncommon story in Curahuasi.

Diospi Suyana mission friends in Curahuasi report that in March 2016 he went missing and it is rumoured that his grandmother sold him to work in Lima.  This is one of the sad things that does happen in the poor areas of Peru.  Parents or grandparents will take a sum of money and then send their kids to go work in Lima for a specified amount of time – it amounts to modern day slavery. 

We want the empty seat in his class to have Danny in it again!


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Our Garage Sale

28 November 2015
We held our first garage sale to clear out our belongings and raise some funds for our Peru trip.  There was one outstanding happening at this event which I will never forget and which I want to share with you.

This was becoming emotionally difficult as we were getting rid of a number of our sentimental belongs.  Then an older man purposely walked past all our tables of stuff and directly up to me where at the time I was standing on our driveway at the back of it all.  He looked me in the eyes and said (in my words):

“I saw your article in the North Shore Times recently and I want to tell you that you are doing the right thing.  I had the opportunity about 30 years ago with my family to go to Rwanda and do what you are going to do in Peru, but we chose not to go.  There were various reasons at the time, but in hindsight none were worth stopping us going.”

By this time he had tears in his eyes and his face was full of regret.

He went on to assure me our mission to Peru will be the best thing I could ever do with my family, and to never to look back as he did.  He then turned and walked down our driveway into his car and drove off.  He was not there to buy anything but to provide a most timely assurance.

My sentimentality issues with my “coveted possessions” and any doubts that were remaining were addressed then and there.

Our first garage sale for Peru (16 Oct 2015)


Adventure in Compassion

16 October 2015
Our family have always been active in our community.  And so the North Shore Times ran an article on our family going to Peru – Adventure in Compassion.  See per link here;

Click to download PDF
We were so honoured to have this community exposure and awareness for our cause.