Welches in Peru

Welches in Peru
Our family (November 2018)

Sunday, 15 April 2018

A Recap of Where We are Up To Now

01 March 2018

Last Wednesday night at 6:28pm on 28 February, I succeeded in completing Intelsat IS-14 commissioning of the Diospi Suyana satellite uplink in Curahuasi.  This is a great milestone for our media project as it sets the stage for the program to distribute to the FM transmission sites.  

It also means our Gospel radio program will now reach all of Latin America via satellite – some 400,000,000 Spanish speaking people!  Albeit homes would need a 2.4m sized C-Band satellite dish of which there are a few about.  More commonly seen on hotels.  I have no official figures on how many, but even if only 0.1% have such a satellite dish pointed at Intelsat 14 (my estimate), this still bolsters our hearers by 400,000 people.  However keeping in mind that our primary purpose of the satellite is to deliver our programme to our FM transmission sites.  There is insufficient telecommunication infrastructure in Perú to achieve this reliably or economically by other means.

Intelsat IS-14 C-Band satellite beam coverage used by our Diospi Suyana radio carrier.
Preparations being made for the satellite commissioning with Intelsat earlier in the day.
Final technical planning in my office.
Here is a link to a Diospi post that Klaus put up last week http://www.diospi-suyana.de/diospi-suyana-uplink-mit-satelliten-verbunden/?lang=en

And the Pioneers Australia OARF committee made an AUD $10,000 grant to our broadcast project (I understand in response to my last internal OARF progress report).  What a great blessing, as this enabled us to purchase the remaining components of our remote site telemetry system for site security and service monitoring.  It will save countless hours in travelling to make personal visits to check up on our distant FM transmission sites. 

The telemetry equipment is in two parts; one from ND Satcom in Germany via the next Diospi Suyana shipping container due to arrive in Curahuasi in May.  And the other from Maximation in Australia, due to arrive in Curahuasi in April.

On the FM transmission front, we are well on the way to rolling out our first 5 transmission sites – Curahuasi, Andahuylas, Chincheros/Uripa, Puno and Puerto Maldonado.  With the exception of Curahuasi which is already broadcasting FM and TV, the other 4 sites are constructed but without the transmission equipment yet installed.  The equipment racks are built and power is connected to the sites.  But we await cables, connectors and antenna mounting accessories which we ordered some 3 months ago now – painfully slow supply times in comparison to Australia. 

Approximately 75% of Diospi Suyana patients come from the above noted regions.  Some 220,000 patients in all have been attended to at Diospi Suyana since October 2007. 

Our 6th site Echarati is awaiting the ratification of the FM license transfer by the Perú regulator MTC to Diospi Suyana before we can proceed with the construction.  It has been a long wait but we are hopeful it will come about soon.

Here are our 6 Diospi Suyana Mechanical Dept. made equipment racks in readiness for installation at our 6 remote transmission sites.
The six initial FM transmission sites are shown on the following map and table; 

Moreover Klaus plans a wider expansion of the Diospi Suyana network in the future – subject to licensing and funding of course.  These future sites are (with populations in brackets); Cusco (450,000), Abancay (100,000), Sicuani (50,000), Quillabamba (30,000), Juliaca (250,000) and Anta Province (60,000).  This would bring the total number of Diospi Suyana broadcast transmission sites to 11 and with a total FM radio audience reach of 1,570,000 people. 

Note Cusco is a key market for Diospi Suyana, but FM licenses normally cost in the order of $500,000 so we are very much in faith believing for this funding in the future.

Thank you for your prayers and support – not overlooking that also from my amazing wife and family whilst on mission here in Perú.